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The Business

Over the years the type, range and number of products we sell has grown massively, and with this higher volume and larger demand a shift in the way we did business had to happen. As the business grew we needed to stock products cheaper and from different countries to ensure our prices kept competitive and we could supply all the products our customer base demanded.


Our customers started to dictate and suggest ranges of products that we did not do and we went out and sourced them based normally around a budget that they said would be competitive. As we sourced these products and new ranges our contact list of suppliers grew and with that the other products that we stocked and had access to also grew. At the same time our knowledge of working with manufacturers also improved and so did all the experience of importing and later exporting goods around the world.

Global Reach

Years of dealing with many manufacturers all over the world has also meant the business has been at the forefront of innovation and new product launches. We have helped manufacturers take new products to market and gain a mass audience within weeks and this has led to many giving us exclusive rights in a variety of countries for their products.

Search & Source

We now not only search and source products for our won customers but are also in a unique position to offer this service to our customers. If a customer is looking for a certain type of product then we now offer a service to find and open up links for the supply of that product at the right price and under the right business terms.
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